CLA 3000 Mg

CLA 3000 Mg

CLA 3000 Mg

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Product Description:

😊 [ Promotes Healthy Metabolism ] – This stimulant free fat burning supplement uses the powerful enzymes properties found in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), one of the most effective and wholesome fatty acid! CLA will help increase your bodies metabolism as well as targeting stubborn and hard to burn fat!

👍 [ Stimulant Free Fat Burner Supplement ] – Shape your body and abs like never before with proven ingredients that help burn and block fat. Along with proper exercise and diet, you will notice fantastic belly fat reducing results without the jitters and crash from stimulants. 

🌱 [ High Potency 3000 mg ] – The clinical dose for CLA is about 3 grams (3000) mg per day. JRX Nutrition’s CLA is potently dosed at 3000mg per serving to ensure your body is getting the correct amount it needs. 

✔️Made in USA and GMP Facility We take pride in crafting this supplement in a USA based GMP certified facility for your added safety and peace of mind.

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