Fitness Formula Guide PDF

Fitness Formula Guide PDF

Fitness Formula Guide PDF

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Jrod’s Fitness Formula is a nine-week active weightlifting gym guide that is designed to constantly push and challenge your body! 

This 73-page eBook is a digital download jam-packed with nine full weeks of custom workouts. The guide cycles between three training techniques to ensure your muscles are being constantly challenged each and every week. All exercises are accompanied with picture demonstrations for proper implementation. In addition to the workouts, an array of challenges, ranging from pull-ups, cardio, and abs, are included each week for an extra push!

Now let’s accomplish


fitness goals! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amit Haim
Best Workout Plan

$20 great deal!
After 5 weeks my bench has gone up from 205 to 245; squat 185 to 260.
If you’re looking to get your body right for summer while gaining muscles, I highly recommend this workout plan!

Julio Garcia
LOco eta baina eL FinaL!!!!

Me ta sacando tolo cuadrito!! Ya casi que toy asiendo diamante con cual quiel piedra que me encuentre en el piso.. Thanks for your wonderful guide my brother.

Happy Customer

The JRXNutrition workout guide has made a huge difference in my gym routine and growth. The weekly switch-ups in the styles keep things interesting versus using the same old routine. I love the challenges at the end because of the big difference they make and feels like a coach pushing you for a few more reps. I've recommended it to all of my friends and family and am proud to be in the best shape I've ever been in yet!! Thanks JRX, looking forward to the results after all 9 weeks.

Jason C.
It Works!! 💯

The BEST guide out there! I never have to worry about getting to the gym and wondering which workout to do. 🙌🙌🙌 It's like having a trainer right there the whole time! 💯

Mark Ulrich
God's Gift!

I've always thought I knew what I was doing in the gym and definitely changed my body in a major way. But after this guide, I've elevated my training to a whole new level. My rear delts are popping out, my chest is looking ******* awesome, my legs are stronger than they've ever been, and no matter how big I feel, time under tension will always teach me to stay humble. Forever thankful and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone trying to learn, gain size, and elevate their game! Thanks JRod!

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